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New Arrangement – Disco Santa

Surprise!  He wasn’t supposed to get here till tomorrow, but made record time in the sleigh and got here a day early—it’s Santa, and not just any Santa, it’s Disco Santa!  This original song written by Damon Brown and Brock Keiper is the first new release of BMK Arrangements’ Christmas in July 2023. 

This SATB arrangement is full of references to all things disco as it tells the tale of the North Pole’s grooviest resident.  The vocal chart is full of exciting moments and features treble and bass clef soloists who combine as a duet in the end.  Visually there are endless opportunities to showcase your choirs dance abilities underneath the mirror ball.  The band charts are hot and full of all the funky guitar and sizzling horn licks you’d expect from a disco tune.

Since this is an original song, it requires absolutely NO licensing, and even better, every single penny from the sale of this arrangement will go directly to Thirst Project, the world’s leading youth water organization! 

This arrangement is new and has never been performed—your choir could be the first to stay alive with the jive of Disco Santa! 

The track features Ines Cring & Brian McCallister on vocals, and Alec McKeska on guitar.