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Christmas in July

Welcome to BMK Arrangements’ Christmas in July, a monthlong celebration of a new collection of Holiday arrangements now available in our catalog!  

This inaugural batch of Christmas arrangements features openers, closers, ballads, and novelty numbers representing a variety of different musical styles.  Each of these arrangements comes with full show band accompaniment, and the upgraded track package which contains a high quality instrumental track, and a full performance mp3.  

These arrangements are all live in the catalog now, but we’ll be spotlighting them throughout the month on the this page.  We plan to add additional voicing options for many of these arrangements throughout the coming weeks, and we’re also going to be adding concert band and string packs for the ballads. 

So grab your hot chocolate, your favorite blanket, and get comfy for a month of brand new Christmas charts available for the first time ever at BMK Arrangements. 

View all the titles here: