I have used Brock’s arrangements for the past 4 years and have been thoroughly pleased.  Over the years I have used several arrangers only to get frustrated at some of the voice leading. As a director of a show choir, vocal arrangements are extremely important to scores and should fit the singers they are written for.  I’m thrilled with Brock’s arrangements as they are written to benefit the singer’s voice, the harmonies he writes are beautiful and I’m very pleased with his orchestrations. My show choir, Gold Horizons, has won best vocal awards several times this year in show choir competitions and I credit Brock for the beautiful arrangements!

Dr. Bill Myers Director Northeast Jones HS | Laurel, MS March 31, 2019

As a choreographer, Brock’s arrangements give you moment after moment to visually tell a story.  As a vocal director, his part writing allows singers to learn quickly and exist in ranges that resonate appropriately for high school singers. As an educator, Brock’s charts are full of heart and have the optimal experience for your ensemble in mind. Brock’s arrangements make your job easy. They sing well, are clean and easy to read, and provide moment after moment for your students to look, sound and feel amazing.

Nick Janssen Director & Choreographer Naperville North HS | Naperville, IL March 31, 2019

Brock Keiper is my “GO TO” for show choir arrangements. He totally “gets” how to arrange for voices in a way that maximizes their sound, exploits their strengths and hides their weaknesses. As well, his understanding of how to write for the show band is amazing. Big Cheeks loves to play Brock’s arrangements. They are accessible, yet complex when they need to be. Brock is patient and flexible when working through the creative process and professional to work with. I HIGHLY recommend BMK Arrangements if you are looking for the perfect arrangement for your group.

Sandi Thomas Director Clover Hill HS | Midlothian, VA March 31, 2019

Brock has written arrangements for my choirs for many years and I’m always happy with them! His arrangements work well for both my vocalists and instrumentalists. He is able to follow through with the timeline we need and is even willing to make changes as the season progresses if we need it. Love working with him and appreciate the important piece of the puzzle that he adds to Innovation and all Johnston Choirs.

Hannah Ryan Director Johnston HS | Johnston, IA March 31, 2019

My students get so excited when they hear about the tunes that Brock will arrange for us each year! Like me, they’ve grown to appreciate his ability to take a song and make it work for show choir without losing the character of the original song. Brock writes smart arrangements that are singable and impressive—and he creates band charts that both challenge and feature our players. Brock is invested in all of the groups that he writes for and gives them all his best work—which is really appreciated! He can take direction for his arrangements or he can create amazing charts on his own. I have really enjoyed working with Brock and plan on continuing to use his talents for years to come!

Adam Miller Director Craig HS | Janesville, WI March 31, 2019

Brock has been a great addition to our creative team. He does such a great job writing vocal parts that sound great and highlight the areas of strength for our voices. His band charts are always a favorite for our bands. They are fun, energetic, interesting and a challenge for our students that keeps them engaged all year long. 

Aaron Olson Director Waconia HS | Waconia, MN March 31, 2019

I have always found Brock’s arrangements to be quite singable and playable for my high school musicians. The keys and musical lines are readable and make a lot of sense to both the singers and instrumentalists. More so, however, I love that Brock is willing to put his creative touch on our medleys. I don’t have to spell everything out for him, and he is willing to contribute to the overall vision of the arrangement. That makes for a more creative and successful arrangement!

Justin Sands Director Prairie HS | Cedar Rapids, IA March 31, 2019

We absolutely LOVE using BMK Arrangements here at Millard West! For us, the thing that sets BMK apart from everyone else is the way band is utilized. The instrumentals are always tastefully written to accompany the vocals, but man do those dance breaks absolutely go nuts!! Our kids LOVE to play them/dance to them and the crowd always gets fired up!

Zack Bjornsen Director Millard West HS | Omaha, NE March 31, 2019

We have been lucky enough to have Brock do our arrangements for the past four years. Not only is his pre-arranged catalog extensive and exceptional, but the amount of care and time he puts into his custom arrangements really sets him apart as an arranger. We have an all-male group at our school, and sometimes finding the right range for their voices each year can be a challenge. Brock takes the time to make sure that each arrangement is in the right range for these guys, and won’t settle until I’m happy with the voicing! In addition, our band absolutely loves playing Brock’s arrangements! He writes them in such a way that the instruments are truly enhancing the singers. When the band needs to play under the singing, he writes their parts in such a way that this happens easily. When it’s dance break time, he knows how to let those instrumentalists really rock and shine! I love working with Brock from start to finish, and can’t recommend him enough!

Cory Thompson Director Mundelein HS | Mundelein, IL March 31, 2019

Brock has been my arranger for the past 15 years. During this time I have never once thought about using anyone else because there is honestly no one that compares to him! Brock’s arrangements are always fresh and cutting edge. He is constantly using his creativity, musical knowledge and his own experience with the “Hot Brockets” to make his arrangements stand out from the rest. Brock always finds a way at taking the ideas in my mind and putting them on paper exactly how I want them to be. I also appreciate having high quality studio recordings available for use with my choirs. Thank you for your work Brock and I look forward to creating more amazing arrangements with you in the future!

Nick Oswald Director Jefferson HS | Cedar Rapids, IA March 31, 2019

We enjoy working with Brock because his arrangements are very creative in the way he approaches the singing and how they fit our students’ voices. They also match our small band perfectly. He works with us to double our small horn section on synth, which helps make our band sound bigger than they really are.

Chris Storm Director Skutt Catholic HS | Omaha, NE March 31, 2019

I have been a part of the show choir industry for over 15 years now, and many of those years have and continue to be spent creating, teaching, and dancing to Brock Keiper’s arrangements. Brock’s charts are fun and energetic, his rehearsal tracks are top notch, and more often than not, my arrangements come out exactly as planned! When other arrangers have missed the mark or dropped the ball, he’s been there to pick up the pieces and step in to “save the day” several times for me. He puts so much time and energy into his craft and is continuing to find new ways to improve his business while giving the very best of himself to each program. He is one of the hardest working people in this industry and I am grateful for it! 

Kevin Chase Choreographer March 31, 2019

Working with Brock Keiper is an absolute joy! His vision, and creativity, and collaboration have not only made my life much easier, but it has also helped propel the groups I work with to the next level. The Full Performance tracks that he and his team create are immensely helpful while creating choreography, and also can help alleviate the stresses of the kids not being super familiar with the music prior to learning choreography. A lot of arrangers can write music, but Brock truly understands all the aspects of a show choir show, and that always rings true through his work and communication. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Ben Schrank Choreographer February 8, 2019