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New Arrangement – Ripple (from Spirited)

Time to drop the first new catalog release of 2023 – Ripple from Spirited!

From the first time I heard this tune during the movie’s credits, I knew it was something I wanted to arrange! The song is so dynamic musically, and the message in the lyrics is fantastic as well. The arrangement features an extended solo that comes in and out throughout the chart and interacts with the choir. The choral parts are extremely high energy, but a little on the challenging side in some places. The band charts are smokin’ hot with killer horn licks and funky guitar, but also some tender moments to feature your keyboards. If you’re not familiar with the tune, don’t let the red and green fool you – although it’s from a Christmas movie, the song itself has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas!

I left the original almost entirely intact with one minor cut – I just felt like there are a dozen potential cuts and no two directors would want the same cuts, so I put in all the material and people can cut it down as they see fit to maximize the flexibility.

The track features Brian McCallister & Ines Cring on vocals, and Alec McKeska on guitar.