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New Arrangement – Get Together/All Time Fave

In addition to sharing group performance videos, I’m going to start throwing some new for 2023 arrangement videos into the mix as well.

Up first is a mashup of “Get Together” by PRTY ANML and “All Time Fave” by Outasight. This energetic closer is fully of vocal moments and opportunities for visual ones. The instrumental arrangement is full of hot horn licks, funky guitar, and rockin’ dance breaks. The two tunes overlap at the end with the aid of a treble trio. This arrangement was originally written for Surround Sound from Bettendorf High School in Iowa.

The track features Ines Cring & Brian McCallister on vocals and Jake Colson on guitar.

This arrangement, and more than 150 other new ones, will be available in the catalog on March 1st.