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New Arrangement – Midnight Sky/Edge of Seventeen

Got another New and Never Performed arrangement for ya! This one is an SSA mashup of Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus and Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks.

Midnight Sky was in my Summer 2021 playlist, and all summer long I thought about this mashup every time I’d hear it. I was bored Wednesday, so I decided to take what was in my head and put it on paper, Ines and Steve recorded yesterday and voila, it’s in my catalog this morning.

The arrangement features a solo throughout and the dance break is a great place to feature a guitar soloist, after which there’s a quick pull back moment that modulates into a stop-time first half of the chorus before the band kicks in and pushes to the end. The chart could go just about anywhere within a treble show, or be used as a treble feature within a mixed show.

The track features Ines Cring on vocals and Steve Cochran on guitar.

This arrangement is new and has never been performed, your choir could be the first!