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New Arrangement – Coming Up For No Air

Got another Friday New Release! This idea has been in my brain almost 15 years – in fact, the Sibelius file was started in 2009. I’ve come back to it a few times over the years – adding a little bit, but never finished it – until this week.

This is an SATB opener that combines Coming Up For Air by Storm Lee and No Air by Jordin Sparks. There aren’t any vocals solos (there is an optional guitar solo in the dance break), but it opens with a vocal moment and there are vocal moments throughout the entire chart. The arrangement is mostly the Storm Lee song, but after the middle dance break it pulls back into No Air for a bit of a breather (no pun intended) before it key changes back into a final chorus of Coming Up For Air. This arrangement is new and has never been performed – your choir could be the first!

The track features Ines Cring & Brian McCallister on vocals and Steve Cochran on guitar.