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New Arrangement – Call Me Killer Queen

Today’s New for 2023 Featured Arrangement is a medley of Call Me Queen by Niddi-O and Killer Queen by Queen.

This SATB 2nd number is the perfect change of pace after a driving opener. There is a treble solo to start backed up by the full ensemble. Once the song transitions into Killer Queen it’s all about the choir. With the tight harmonies of the original, this chart will definitely showcase your group’s vocal abilities. Short and punchy, this chart is sure to add a little spice to your show. This arrangement was originally written for the Gold Horizons from Northeast Jones High School in Mississippi as part of their Marie Antionette set.

The track features Ines Cring & Brian McCallister on vocals and Steve Cochran on guitar.

This arrangement, and more than 150 other new ones, is now available in the catalog at!