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New Arrangement – Hello

Today’s New for 2023 Featured Arrangement is Hello by Adele, but mostly in the style of Tim Akers and the Smoking Section.

This SATB number is the perfect chance of pace after an opener with more drive. Beginning in the slow somber style with a treble soloist, the song transition into the funky horn band style of the Tim Akers version after one phrase. The soloist comes back in with the verse adding choral backup as it builds into the chorus. The chorus features back and forth between two halves of the choir and this builds into a big horn-driven dance break. The dance break is very challenging, however will really show of your band once mastered. From the dance break there is another chorus and instrumental ending. The chart is short and punchy, and will leave your audience wanting more. This arrangement was originally written for Vivace from Skutt Catholic High School in Nebraska.

The track features Ines Cring & Brian McCallister on vocals, and Alec McKeska on guitar.

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