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New Arrangement – The Dark Side/Takin’ Hold

Well, we’ve come to the last featured arrangement from Summer 2022 I’m sharing. This has still not even been half of the new releases that went in the catalog on March 1st, however, so make sure you visit the New for 2023 page at to see the full list. Stay tuned to this page for New and Never Performed Friday Releases throughout the year!

Today’s New for 2023 Featured Arrangement is a medley of The Dark Side by Trevi Moran, and Takin’ Hold by Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza & Daniel Toeman.

This SATB closer begins with The Dark Side and it’s slower pop groove. The full ensemble sings a verse and chorus from that tune before a dance break reprise that transitions into the faster rock/swing groove of Takin’ Hold. There is a big dance break after the verse and chorus here, followed by a final chorus. A custom bow is included with this chart. This arrangement was originally written for The Spotlighters from Janesville Craig High School in Wisconsin.

The track features Ines Cring & Brian McCallister on vocals and Steve Cochran on guitar.

This arrangement, and more than 150 other new ones, is available now in the catalog at!